Agroworld specialises in international transport of food products


Agroworld is a service company that is geared towards the transport of refrigerated food products. Agroworld is aware of the fact that high quality services must be marketed at reasonable prices. A customer-oriented business philosophy is also needed to be successful in this sector.


Agroworld is always working to make its logistical process more sustainable. Because sustainability does not only lead to profit for the environment, but also to the economy. By continuously investing in the latest trucks with the highest euro standard and efficiently planning to avoid as many empty-mileage as possible, Agroworld contributes to the lowest possible load for people and the environment!


The Agro World fleet consists of young trucks. A significant number is equipped with the latest Euro-6 engines the rest of the trucks have at least Euro 5 or EEV. Consciously chosen for young trucks to prevent delays for customers.


For an efficient transport process, Agroworld uses a tailor-made TMS package. This system makes it possible to compile all data from the planning of orders and data from trucks and trailers to the most efficient possible transport. Because Agroworld has its own IT department it is possible to adapt directly to the specific wishes of each client.

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Agroworld; Qualitative and reliable transport

Over the years we have set up a network with a good price-quality ratio for our clients.

At the Agro World fleet, reliability is the first place. We have a relatively young car fleet. All refrigerated and freezer vehicles are equipped with a temperature registration, which can be used to show that they are always transported under the right conditions.

Agroworld has offices in the Netherlands and Germany.