Innovative & sustainable refrigerated transport

At Agroworld, high-quality and reliable refrigerated transport comes first. To keep our quality high, we are constantly innovating and making our logistics process more sustainable.

Sustainable refrigerated transport

Agroworld is always working on making its logistics process more sustainable. Because sustainability not only leads to benefits for the environment but for the economy as well. By continuously investing in the latest trucks with the highest Euro standards and efficiently planning to avoid as many empty kilometres as possible, Agroworld ensures the lowest possible burden on people and the environment!

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a spearhead at Agroworld. As a logistics service provider, we want to stay ahead in the field of responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship. That’s why we invest in new technologies that contribute to sustainable transport.

The measures to reduce CO2 emissions include:

  • driver training
  • modern trucks (with solar panels)
  • modern trailer park
  • the newest IT solutions
  • own fleet management workshop
  • good quality of oil and fuels
  • few empty kilometres

Food safety

The EU policy on food safety focuses on consumer protection and on the proper functioning of the internal market. The EU has standards for monitoring food hygiene.

In addition to the laws and regulations of the government, the business community takes its own responsibility by working with quality systems. This includes certain systems, as well as HACCP, ISO and GMP, in which the safeguarding of safely produced food plays an important role. Monitoring these quality systems is done by independent, certified bodies.

Agroworld has its own quality system and all corresponding certificates.

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Agroworld uses a customised TMS package for an efficient transport process. This system makes it possible to compile all data from planning orders and data from trucks and trailers into the most efficient transport possible. Because Agroworld has its own IT department, it is possible to adapt directly to the specific wishes of each client.

Agroworld has

  • A tracking system in the trucks
  • A tracking system in the trailers, with temperature monitoring
  • Mobile onboard computers with internet
  • Proprietary TMS software
  • Own workplace with reading equipment for truck and trailer

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